How to start a blog & What is Blog
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Hello friends, welcome all of you to my blog, today we are going to talk about what is a blog? and How to start a blog, what things we will need to start a blog – What we have to do Domain?

it happens. Hosting what?

There are many other things that are important for you if you want to start a blog. We are going to understand all of them today.

How to start a blog and what is blogging

What friends You want to blog and you don’t understand. How do we start Blogging? , how?

We Start Blog – How to Start A Blog What we need to do to start a blog.

So friends today, we will try our best to give you information about this so that you understand how to start a blog – how to start a blog, so let’s talk to friends.


Blog Kya? hai
Pick your Blog Name
Buy a Domain (Domain Kya? Hai & Buy a Domain)
Buy a Hosting (Hosting kya? Hai & Buy a Hosting
Create a Blog
How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger
Design Your Blog
Write Your First Blog Post

What is Blog

Blog Kya? hai – Friends, the blog that is in the world of the Internet is your shop in a way. As I explain to you by example.

For example: Like we keep products in our shop. They keep the goods which people come to buy. In the same way, we keep our content on the Blog.

Which we call posts or articles. The way people come to our shop to buy goods.

In the same way, people come to read our content on our blog. By the way, you are reading this article right now.

This is my blog on which you have come through Google or some other medium and are reading my article.

Friends Blog is like a website. Where we keep the content. People post articles to our content and come to our blog.

How to Start a Blog

Pick Your Blog Name

Friends, first you have to decide the name of your blog, what about your blog? Want to name Like I just gave you an example of a shop.

A blog is like your shop. So, if we want to open our shop, then we also name it. In the same way, we also have to name our blog.

By which our blog will be recognized. You can name this anything. It’s up to you It should only be unique and it should be small and not too big.

Buy a Domain

Friends, if you have considered the name of your blog. You have decided what you want to name your blog. So now you need to.

To buy a domain of the same name. Now, what would this domain be? Is 4. So let’s understand.

What is Domain?

Friends try to understand from the same shop example. As if your shop has some address. Through which if a person wants to reach you at the shop, then he can reach you.

In the same way, in the Internet world, this is the address of your blog. If someone needs to access your blog. So how will it reach you, think to yourself that there are so many blogs on this website?

So he can access your blog through this address. Let me give you examples of some websites.

For example:,,, etc ..

Buy a Hosting

Friends, after buying the domain you will have to buy Hosting. Now, what is this hosting?

what is hosting?

Friends Hosting is the place. Where we keep our blog or website. Like if we have to open a shop, then we will need someplace for it too, where we can open our shop and keep our mill. In the same way, Hosting is where we keep our blog.

Create a Blog

Friends, if you have purchased Domain and Hosting then you need it now. There are many ways to create your blog.

You can make this through many mediums. But if you have purchased Domain and Hosting. So you create your blog through WordPress.

WordPress to create a blog or website through a very good medium. In this, you will get many features, tools for many tasks, through which you can make a very good blog very easily.

For this, you do not need any coding information. You can make your own blog very easily. And if you do not want to buy Domain and Hosting.

And you want to create a blog for Free. So you can also create your blog through

Design Your Blog

Friends, what is less important after making a blog is to design your blog. Your blog should be Mobile Friendly, Responsive. And should also be good in appearance.

Your blog should work properly on tablets on computers on mobile. Your blog’s UI needs a good UX. Now the point is, how to do all this?

So friends, for all this, you get a lot of themes (Templates) in Blogger in WordPress or through whatever means you will make a blog. Through which you can design your blog very well.

Write Your First Blog Post

Friends, now you need to write your first post first article. And not that only one post has to be written. Now your blog has started. Now you have to work on it regularly.

To write regular posts, articles. Promote your blog. And try to make it better than better. And remember one thing you do not have to go wrong or shortcut.

If you want to blog for a long time. Do not do any work in shortcuts that will harm you in the long term. You have to think about the Long Term.


Friends, if you have any questions or you have any problem with blogging or want to know anything, then you ask me through comments.

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