Best 17 Tricks Of Whatsapp 2020-2021
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WhatsApp’s 17 Best Tricks WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger, with over one and a half billion users, and is one of the most used apps, but few people are aware of the interesting tricks in it, which The pleasure of use is doubled.

Here are some tricks you can use.

Read deleted messages

In fact, if a friend deletes a message you receive, the easiest way to get it back is to simply delete WhatsApp from the phone and reinstall it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

When this app is uploaded, the user will have to log in and all the chats in his backup will be restored and this will also include deleted messages. However, this feature will only work if you have scheduled app back timings on a daily basis, on which the application keeps a log of every sent or received message.

Sending HD images

Go to a chat and click the Paper Clip icon and then Document. Clicking on the Document option will bring up all the document files that are stored in the smartphone and to send high-quality images you can click on Browse other docs and then go to the location where the image is located.

To open the desired folder, open it by tapping on the selected image and then click on send, while multiple images can be sent in this way, just hold down one image with your finger for a while and then select the other. Please.

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Sending a message to someone without an ad

Open the web browser of your choice on your smartphone. Then type this link in the search bar, ttps: // Phone = XXXXXXXXXXX Write the sign). Like if this person’s number is from Pakistan then it will be something like this: ttps: // Phone = 923001234567. Then press Enter.

Then a WhatsApp window will open asking you if you want to send a message to this number then click on ‘Send Message’. You will automatically be taken to WhatsApp where the Start Chatting window will appear and you will be able to send a message to an individual without adding it.

Use of new typewriter fonts

To change the font of your WhatsApp message, use this symbol (`) three times before or after your message such as` Message`, it is easily available on Android keyboard but not on iOS, Apple devices. I need to copy and paste it.

Low usage of WhatsApp data

For how much data you use on WhatsApp, go to Data Usage and Network Usage in the app settings. In the Data Usage menu,

you can restrict data and connect to Wi-Fi with the auto-download option for photos, audio, video, and documents. In addition, you can reduce the use of mobile data in this app by selecting a low data usage mode.

Share documents

You can now share documents in WhatsApp chat directly from Google Drive and iCloud Drive, click on the arrow on the left side of the text window, then share the document and then select the place from which to share it. is being done.

Prevent photos and videos from being saved to the phone

If you don’t want to see your friends’ photos and videos automatically saved on the device due to phone memory or any other reason, go to Chats in the app settings and turn off Save Incoming Media there.

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Bold, italic, strike throw

You can now decorate and present your text in WhatsApp.

Bold: If you want to make a word bold, put * in front and behind it, for example, * hello *.

Italic: Add _ at the beginning and end of your word, such as _salam _

Strike Throw: Add ~ to the beginning and end of your word, such as “hello”.

Remove the blue tick

Open WhatsApp, go to Settings, Accounts, and then Privacy, uncheck the red receipt there, unfortunately, you won’t be able to see if other people have read your messages.

Don’t let the blue tick appear in the message
When a message is received, turn on airplane mode, open the message, and read. Blue Tick will not appear in the sender until you reopen WhatsApp.

When reading a message, close all apps running in the background via multi-window instead of back to close the app. Doing so will shut down WhatsApp completely and even if you switch off Airplane mode, the device will not be signed when it goes online.

Save chat history

Go to Settings, then Chat, and then Chat Backup. Configure your chat settings so that backups are made on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can add videos if you wish.

Keep audio messages to a minimum

When the audio message arrives, press the play button and quickly put the phone to your ear, as if calling someone. Doing so will instantly transfer the audio output from the main speaker to the AirPace speaker and only you will be able to hear that message.

Transferring files from computer and phone

Create a group, add a friend, and then delete so you can be alone in that group. Now open the WhatsApp web and log in with the QR code, then transfer the media file you want to the computer through the WhatsApp group, or open any chat and transfer the files to the computer from there.

Send file larger than 15 MB

WhatsApp’s capabilities regarding file sharing are limited. No files can be shared except RAR, Zip, PDF, Exx, APK, and Word files while these files should also be up to 15 MB.

Here comes an app called CloudSend. Upload the file to this app and give the given link to the desired user. They can easily download the file when they click on it.

Change mobile number on WhatsApp

Most users on WhatsApp can see your phone number, but if you have multiple mobile phones, you need to uninstall and reinstall it to change the number. However, there is an easy way to do this. Click Accounts in Settings, there will be an option to change the WhatsApp number, click on it.

There will be two fields. Enter your new number in the first field and the old number in the second field and click Done. After checking this new number, WhatsApp will transfer your conversation to this new number.

Turn off the Last Seen feature

This feature is useful because it lets you know when your friend was online, but it also affects the user’s privacy. To turn off this feature, go to Accounts, click the Last Scene button and make the necessary changes.

Change your friend’s profile picture

Go to Contacts and copy your friend’s number, now take a picture and paste your friend’s number on it and remove or put a plus sign. Now paste this picture on a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture and his profile image will change.

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