20 Types of Backlinks That are Dangerous For Your Site
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20 Types of Backlinks That are Dangerous For Your Site and SEO Backlinks are most important for SEO if the type of backlinks is correct or the types of backlinks are wrong. Very few people know about this. Here are 20 types of backlinks that violate Google guidelines or pose a threat to SEO. Any website or blog can get a penalty from Google for this type of backlinks.

20 Type Backlinks Danger for SEO

These backlinks can lead to vulnerability and eventually penalties. These unnatural backlinks can cause your site to be removed from Google. Backlinks are one of the most used words in search engine optimization but newbies make mistakes when they don’t know it.

In this article, I will tell you about 20 types of unnatural backlinks. This way you should never try to create backlinks to your site.

20 Types Of Backlinks That Can Remove Your Site From Google
Backlinks are important for every website or blog but a backlink made in a wrong way does not benefit you at all.

1. Link Exchange

This is a very simple (common way) way to create backlinks.

Website owners or webmasters exchanged hundreds of backlinks, or eventually, Google took action against them. If you do this to some of your friends then there is no problem but by doing this 100+ times Google will know that you are doing something wrong.

2. Widget Backlinks

If you have any widgets or you want people to add them to your website then provide them with rel nofollow to add the link. Adding your widget to a bad content website will get you bad links.

Google has recommended the rel = “nofollow” tag for this. For example, Google has penalized the site for this reason.

3. Advertorials

If you are promoting a product or website on your website or using rel = “doflolow” backlinks, this is a violation of Google’s guidelines or Google may penalize you soon.

For this reason, Google has penalized many news websites. So when promoting any site, use the nofollow tag for its link.

4. Paid Link That Pass PageRank

Google does not want text links or images links to be paid links. Google considers these links to be non-permanent links.

5. Hacking Links

It is very bad that you are trying to create backlinks by hacking someone’s website. Search engine robots have already evolved a lot or it is easy to find out what kind of backlinks they are crawling.

It is not enough to build backlinks from hacking content sharing websites or just build backlinks from good sites.

6. Hiding Link in CSS and Javascript

Some coding experts create backlinks by hiding links from CSS, Script, and other methods. This idea is amazing but it doesn’t work anymore. Google has become more of an expert.

7. Sidebar and Footer Links

Blog sidebar or footer is used for blog important pages, recent posts, most popular, about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, last updated, and other important pages.

But some log website sidebar or footer mentions the link of unwanted product and sites which is wrong. You can only promote a product with the same details in the post content so that your users get the basic information.

8. Anchor Text Low Distribution

Keywords used for encrypted text or links. Click here etc. Links with words are a danger to SEO. If you link to these words over and over again, you may be penalized by Google.

Learn more about an encrypted text or use it correctly. This guide will help you find out what Anchor Text is or how to use it

9. Article Directories

ArticlesBase and EzineArticale or many other article directories do not provide real value to the website user. That’s why Google has devalued it.

The goal is simply to provide unlimited articles on the same topic or to add a link to the dofollow tag. This is not to say that a website is only for its own benefit.

10. Low-Quality Guest Posting

There are times when guest posting is the most important thing for SEO but most people take advantage of it or today only go for a guest post for a backlink. Not only this, some people try to add affiliate links in guest posts.

High-quality guest blogging or just low-quality guest blogging. Finally, Google doesn’t take action or guest posting as seriously as it used to.

11. Automatically Generated Backlinks

When it comes to 10,000 quality backlinks for 10, everyone thinks that all these backlinks will bring some benefits.

In reality, all these backlinks are generated automatically. Backlinks of this type are generated by bots, forums, and comments. or Google may penalize your website.

12. Unrelated Backlinks

Relevance is important, Suppose you have a site on which you write articles about blogging, SEO. Now if you have backlinks from 10,000+ websites with health topics then it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t help you.

Conversely, this could be to your detriment or Google may penalize your site for doing so in violation of the Google algorithm.

13. Backlink with Duplicate Content Websites

Google wants all webmasters to share unique and useful content on their website or blog that provides real value to visitors.

Google prefers low-quality content or devalues websites. So duplicate content, copied content can get your website’s search rank down if you get backlinks from the site.

14. Low-Quality Backlinks

If it is easy to get backlinks from a website then it means that its backlinks are not very valuable. The more difficult the backlinks from a site, the more valuable the backlink.

Question answer forums, free directories, forum profiles and signatures, backlinks from wiki pages, and other similar platforms are a violation of the Google guidelines.

15. Backlinks from Foreign Websites

If you have a website with ENGLISH language content or 100+ backlinks from Russian and Indian language websites on your website then Google will know that something is wrong with your site.

Relevance is extremely important. To build backlinks from a foreign website or just create backlinks from a site related to your site.

16. Backlinks form Penalize Sites

Banning backlinks from a website or blog that Google has penalized for any reason means that you also want to penalize your website from Google.

Don’t link to any website that has been penalized by Google. Try to get a backlink from a site that has a good rank in Google.

17. Links for Non-Indexed Sites

A website that does not have a Google index. I mean a site that works properly but search engines don’t index all or some of its pages so backlinks have to be banana time west.

The new site penalizes Google for this. Google does not accept backlinks from such sites. You can check which websites are indexed by Google on the Google Indexed Page Checker tool.

18. Low-Quality Web Directories

Directories are an old technique that worked a long time ago. Not today, when a newbie blogger finds out about this, he makes the mistake of creating a backlink in this way.

Paying backlinks from any directory for free is important today. Instead, try to get backlinks from Dmoz and Yahoo directories with a little effort.

19. Backlinks Generators

If you type “backlinks generators” into the Google search engine, you will find millions of results that provide the service of generating high-quality backlinks in minutes.

It only looks good to say or see, but the other 1% is not true. This is a spammer who adds a link to your site to any site. The link is of no use to you. To avoid this method.

20. Linking with Google Guidelines Violation Sites

On the Internet today you will find many websites that do not follow the Google webmaster guidelines or want good traffic from Google. Banana backlinks are not better for any website that violates Google guidelines.

So before creating a backlink from any website, check its search history or only create backlinks from sites that Google prefers.


It is very easy to think about backlink banana or banana is very difficult. I have mentioned above that the easier the backlink banana from a site, the lower the value of the backlink or the more difficult the value of the backlink from the site. However, this is not always the case.

So it is better to build thousands of backlinks than to build some good backlinks for your site.

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