10 Big Mistakes YouTubers Make – Mistakes of YouTubers
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Top 10 YouTube Features and Tips Watching YouTube videos without the knowledge of YouTube features is very boring. To get a better user experience on YouTube, you should know about YouTube features. In this post, I will share with you 10 fun features and tips of YouTube which will make your video watching experience great and you will be able to easily find and watch the video of your choice on YouTube.

YouTube features and tips

Today, everyone uses YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest video platform. YouTube offers more than one feature for its users.

People like it more because of these great features of YouTube. There are some features of YouTube that very few people know about.

Here we are telling you about 10 such YouTube features and tips, which you should know about.

Here you will hardly know about YouTube features. Use them and improve the experience of watching videos on your YouTube.

1. Full Screen with Double Tap

You can double-tap on YouTube video to play in full screen and on YouTube video for Exit full screen.

The video will open in full screen with Mouse Double Click. If you want to play the video in fullscreen with the help of the keyboard, you can use the f key shortcut for this.

But this trick works in almost all internet browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser.

2. Do a video with double tap Forward Video

While watching a video on YouTube, it often happens that we do not want to watch some part of the video, or if some part of the video is left out, we need to watch the video to and fro.

YouTube has provided a very easy feature for it. You can double click on the video on YouTube on the right side to forward the YouTube video.

Also, you can double-tap on the left half of the video to follow the YouTube video. Clicking on the left and right sites of the screen, the video plays back and forth for 10 seconds.

3. YouTube’s Dark Theme

When watching YouTube at night, video light causes a lot of discomfort to the eyes. You can avoid this problem by activating YouTube Dark Mode.

For this, you have to enable YouTube dark theme mode by going to YouTube settings on your smartphone. Information about it is here

4. Watch YouTube Video Preview

There are millions of YouTube channels on YouTube and millions of videos have been uploaded. The majority of them have something different in the Thumbnail of the video and something different in the video content.

To avoid such a useless video, you preview the video on YouTube, you just hold the mouse crusher on that video and pause for some time, the video preview will be visible.

5. Fast and slow down YouTube video speed

We sometimes need to fast and slow down YouTube videos. For this, most users watch videos repeatedly.

Actually, YouTube also provides a feature for this, with the help of which the speed of YouTube video can be fast and slow.

For this, you have to click on the babysitter and setting gear below while the video is playing. After that, you can reduce the speed of the video by clicking on Playback Speed.

6. YouTube related video on the phone

Watching YouTube Video on Desktop (Computer, Laptop) shows the right and next video. We can see Up Next or Related Videos on the Right Side of YouTube Video.

Whereas Next Video appears after the video is finished on the small screen of the mobile phone. In such a situation, you can scroll down from the top to the top of the screen and watch the next and related videos.

7. Watch YouTube Video Offline

We do not have an internet connection all the time, so we can also watch YouTube videos offline. YouTube also provides the best feature for this.

For this, all you have to do is click on Download Button on the YouTube video. After that, the video will be put away in your Saved Videos.
Keep in mind though, this feature is only available on mobile, not on a desktop computer, and you can only watch saved videos for up to 24 hours.

8. Watch YouTube videos later

Many times it happens that we have to watch a video on YouTube but we do not have time. In such a situation, we wish that we would watch this video later.

If you see a video in the search results and you want to watch it later, you can honey to watch it later.

For this, when you drive the mouse over the video thumbnail, the base right and a 3 speck symbol appears, click on it and select “to watch later”.

9. Loop YouTube Video

In the event that you right snap on a YouTube video, you get a ton of alternatives to look over. Just like you can copy the video URL, you can copy the video URL at the present time.

Similarly, you can loop the video by right-clicking on the video. Right-clicking on the video and selecting Loop will play the same video again and again.

10. Link Certain Time in YouTube Comments

On YouTube, you must have seen that where people like the content in the video, they link in certain time comment. For example, at 0:30, it is at 129.

It is very easy to link the fixed time of the video in Comment on YouTube Video. For this, you have to add time from hours: minutes: seconds type to the comment.

Stop the video on the part of the video that you like and watch its time. Suppose you like a 1:30 time part of a video, then you can comment by adding just 1:30 to the comment.

This will convert this time into a link, and when a user clicks on it, the video will start directly from 1 minute 30 seconds.


These were 10 YouTube features and tips that any YouTube user can use to improve the experience of watching videos on their YouTube.

Hope you have liked this information, and now you will be able to watch videos on YouTube better than before.

10 Big Mistakes YouTubers Make – Mistakes of YouTubers

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