Top 5 Tips To Build Top Backlinks
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Top Five Methods To Build Top Backlinks


Hey guys

This is Usman and today I will share you Top 5 Tips To Build Top Backlinks 2020

The first steps are to research

and make a list of the top publications

and blogs within your industry so let’s say you are in oil and gas you make a

research of the top blog’s top publications so at least you have a list

always in front of you to approach that’s

Number one second approach these

blogs and this publication and asset for the requirements because some of them

they asking for videos some of them they asked for articles so text articles

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some of them are asking for infographics so when you approach them asking for the

requirements third research when you want before you create these topics

research the trending topics within your the industry so how you do that the easiest

the way is to go to Google Trends and then research the relevant topics or the

trending topics and how you can do that you go to Google Trends and you put

let’s say oil and gas news or oil and gas trends oil and gas topics and then

Google Trends will give you a list of the topics and the trends so you see the

graph what is trending and what it’s not so when you have that the

The Fourth Tip Is

to create top content always create the best content out there why because when

you create top content and you send them to these publications or to these blogs

your chance to have your articles published a lot higher is a lot higher

than you creating the normal content that everybody’s creating keep in mind

that there’s not only youth that is approaching these top blogs but there’s

probably tens or hundreds of people wanting to have their articles on their

blogs to get a backlink and the

The fifth Tip Is

when you share these topics or these

blogs or these articles with these publications and with these blogs ensure

they put them live and most importantly ensure that they give you a backlink to

your website these are the five tips to build backlinks if you like them, please

Share it with your friends and if you like to follow me on my thanks and until next time


By Usman Khan

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