What is Backlink? Step By Step Complete Backlink Guide
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What is Backlink? Step By Step Complete Backlink Guide

What is Backlink? Step By Step Complete Backlink Guide

What is Backlink? If you do not have your own website, you can view it here. And if you already have this blog, you may have heard about backlinks or you may have wondered what this backlink is.

Whenever you try to find out how to rank your article or website, you will find that you need to create backlinks, or if you want to rank your article or website.

You have already started searching for how to create a backlink.

But in the end, if you do a search, you will find something or other, but there is a lot of waste. So today I will tell you what is the backlink or how to create the backlink.

What is a backlink:

Whenever a link to a website is found on another website, it is called a backlink. Look, my friend, I know that most of my friends don’t understand this above line, so I can explain it to you with an example.

As I just wrote “google.com” on my website, the link here is a backlink for Google. Or this is the backlink
Example: When I found this link on technousman.com on another website,

it meant that I got a backlink from that website. Or this process is called a backlink. The process of selecting your link on another site is called a backlink.

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how many types of backlink:

Let’s see if there are two types of backlinks or if there are two types of backlinks, I have tried to understand from the following details what is the difference between these two backlinks.
1. No-Follow Backlink
2. DO-Follow Backlink

1.No-Follow Backlink:

See if your name has been changed to follow this name. Whenever a link to a website is linked to a No-Follow tag, Google’s crawler is crawling that website, but Google’s crawler does not follow that website.

Or this link can only be read by a human or a machine cannot read it. Because no-follow tag has been added to this link, this link does not have juice.

2.Do-Follow Backlinks:

Whenever a link is created on a webpage, it is automatically a do-follow link, the link is automatically created as a no-follow link.

So whenever a link is found on a webpage by Google’s crawler, they can follow that link and scan the webpage that has the two-follow backlink.

There is also a link juice from one website to another

Now you understand what is the difference between a do-follow link or a no-follow link or a backlink. Some terms are used when creating a backlink, which is very important to know before creating a backlink.

Link Juice:

Whenever a do-follow backlink follows Google’s crawler link, it is time to link from one website to another, which makes it easier to increase domain authority or rank articles.

Example: Just as my website has received two backlinks from another website when Google’s crawler comes to my website from that website, my website will get link juice from that website which will increase domain authority or article rank. And this process is called link juice.

Internal Backlinks:

When someone gives a backlink to their website from an article of their own, it is called an internal backlink. And every blogger uses it to reach every article on his website.

Example: If I have given a link to another article in one of my articles, then this is called an internal backlink. You can link one article of your website to another article.

External Backlink:

Whenever I put a link to another website on my website, I use an external backlink.
Example: If I put a link to Wikipedia or Google or any other website on my website then use an external backlink.

Anchor Text:

Whenever a text is used for Hypertext, it is called Anchor Text. As mentioned above, Earning Tips In Hindi or when you click on this text, my website will open and we call this text Anchor Text.

Advantages of Creating a Backlinks:

Search engine rankings improve, and when your backlinks increase, you will come up higher in search engines.
Example: If you have 10 backlinks now or you are ranking on the 10th page of google then when you have 100 backlinks you will automatically go to the first two pages of google.

And backlinks will also increase your traffic. When you put your link on another website, the log from there will follow your link to read your article which will also increase your traffic.

And like my Facebook page. Whenever I post an article for a do-follow backlink, I will update it to let you know that the new article has arrived. Just like the Facebook page. Or my WhatsApp number above contact is available on this page. If you want to talk about anything, you can do it.

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