learn blogging techno usman
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How to learn blogging and online earning?

learn blogging techno usman

How to learn blogging and online earning? We all use the internet and if you haven’t heard the term blog,

it’s difficult. Blogging is growing in popularity with each passing day.

We call a blogger a blogger. Blogging is not an overnight getaway.

It has to be learned thoughtfully and with the help of an expert.

Weblogs, which later became blogs, were initially used by people to share their personal lives online with others.

Over time, people began to use the blog to make money online.

You choose a topic that people want to know about and start writing about it.

The first step to the success of your blog is to choose a topic on which you can

build your authority so that people prefer your site to get that information.

If you have a business then blogging is very useful to promote it.

Writing posts on a business blog to attract clients to your site also makes your business successful.

A successful online presence is essential to the success of any business.

Blogs help you build a connection with your business’s potential customers, which in turn increases traffic to your site.

Blogging requires a lot of skill.

Some of them are SEO, WordPress, Content Writing, and Link Building.

Only the content of the blog attracts the end-user, but the whole story is not so simple.

It is also very important to write posts regularly and link different blog posts.

Blogger’s goal is to make money from the blog.

Bloggers earn from Google AdSense after setting up their blog and increasing the standard traffic to it.

In addition, there are many ways to make a blog a good source of income If you want to start your own blog, you first choose the topic of your blog, then buy a domain name, then take up hosting.

Now you have to choose your blogging platform which is mostly WordPress.

You install WordPress, put the right themes and plugins on it.

Writing posts provides as much information as possible about your topic.

Interlink posts and then give social signals to your site at appropriate intervals.

The whole story is about making sure that Google likes your site and that when people

type in the keyword you choose on the search bar, Google shows your site at the top.

Now the main goal is to show the site at the top which is achieved with the help of search engine optimization.

The majority of students are not only familiar with this process but also have good skills.

For those who are not very familiar, I have written the basics in detail.

I have also been interested in learning blogging for a long time and six months ago today

I intended to learn it regularly in the presence of an expert.

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Since my educational background in computer science,

it was not difficult to find the most suitable teacher to learn to blog.

After learning the secrets of blogging in six months and being a part of their training,

I can say that whatever you take in this training, you will get to learn more than that.

This training is provided through online live weekend classes. Anyone can learn from home.

This training was not limited to teaching blogging but also taught many other ways to earn money

from the internet. Now the question arises as to who should take this training.

Anyone can take this training but he should first get the basic information by watching the videos on YouTube.

They also have a Facebook group that can ask questions about online earning and blogging.

The new badge is about to launch and anyone interested can get their training.

The dream of any blogger is to have a good ranking of his site and much Youtube tutorials training is the best way to learn how to do it.

His thorough knowledge of his subject makes him a good trainer.

If you enjoy working online from home, you have the best chance of changing your life.

By Usman Khan

Hi friends myself Usman khan I Love Teaching, Blogging, and much more but I also love to help anyone freely if you have any problem you can contact me freely I'm always able for you I highly request to you if you have have any good skill then you can work with me